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Winter Makeup Tutorial

Hey Everyone! I decided on doing a very classic winter look for this tutorial. I noticed after filming that my hair was a mess lol! I also know that my lighting is not the greatest so it’s hard to see somethings. Especially in this video I didn’t realized how my mirror was really out of…

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Understanding Sun Protection Factor (SPF)

When it comes to SPF many think that the higher the number the more protection. This is not the case. No matter the number you will receive the same protection. The higher the number, the longer you can stay in the sun without reapplying. So how then do you decide which SPF is right for…

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Wedding Tips!

Okay, so we all know it’s wedding season and if you are getting married this year  or next year you are probably REALLY excited. I am so excited for all of you too! No matter when you are getting married, I have some tips for you to keep in mind. These are great tips for…

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