Wedding Tips!

Okay, so we all know it’s wedding season and if you are getting married this year  or next year you are probably REALLY excited. I am so excited for all of you too! No matter when you are getting married, I have some tips for you to keep in mind. These are great tips for last minute brides and brides who are going to start planning well in advance. Having your makeup done by a professional makeup artist is one of the final steps in bringing your bridal look together. Don’t forget to prepare your face and body in the weeks and months prior to the wedding to ensure that your hair and makeup will look its best. If you are not sure how much bridal makeup will be, contact me for your personalized price inquiry. Also don’t forget when you order your wedding cake from Sweetcakes, you will receive $10 OFF your total cost of makeup!

6 Months to 1 Year before wedding:
• Visit a dermatologist if you have any skin concerns such as redness, very dry skin,
acne, or wrinkles that you want to address
• Determine a suitable skin routine with your dermatologist, makeup artist, or
• Begin Exfoliating at least once weekly to reveal new, glowing skin

Four to Five Months Before Wedding:
• Begin researching makeup artists. Ensure you get references and check them out!
You will want someone who is not only good at what they do, but who is very
professional and reliable
• Hire your makeup artist and set up a consultation and test date

Two to Three Months Before Wedding:
• Find makeup looks in magazines that you like and think are suitable for you
• Attend your consultation/test with your makeup artist and be sure to bring your
magazine clippings. You can also bring color swatches of the dresses or flowers

Two Weeks to One Month Before Wedding:
• Make sure you are eating and exercising well which will help combat stress and
• Get your hair cut and colored
• Avoid tanning in the sun, it dries the skin out and often leads to unsightly tan lines!

One to Two Weeks Before Wedding:
• Get an exfoliating body treatment
• Get a spray tan if desired
• Get waxing of the body if desired. Opt for threading instead of waxing for facial hair.
Threading helps prevent red patches and ingrown hairs
• Get a facial if desired
• Avoid any of the above treatments within the week before the wedding as
undesirable skin reactions can happen!
• Touch base with your makeup artist to make sure everything is in order

The Last Days Before the Wedding:
• Get a manicure if desired
• Drink lots and lots of water to make sure your skin is hydrated. Avoid drinking too
much alcohol for the same reason
• Get lots of sleep to avoid bags and darks circles (and stress)
• Apply a hydrating mask if sky is dry
• Pack your wedding day purse with makeup for touch ups: Blotting Tissues, Lipstick,
Kleenex, Eyeliner, Concealer.

The Day of the Wedding:
• Ensure skin is clean and hydrated for your makeup application
• Eat a light breakfast to make sure you have enough energy for the day
• Sit back and enjoy your makeup application, your hair being styled and, of course,
your wonderful wedding day!

I hope all of you brides to be can really use these tips to help you plan your perfect wedding! Please let me know if you have any questions at all as I would love to help you in any way.

Congratulations Brides to be!