How to Make Zucchini Noodles

Love pasta but you are trying to stay away from the carbs or gluten? Well zucchini noodles may be your answer! At first I thought they would be super weird and probably not taste the best, but they are actually pretty awesome! You can replace them for any noodle or pasta dish.

Here is how I did it:

What you need:

6 zucchinis salt, vegetable spiral noodle maker thingy(What is the actual word for this an someone please tell me?! lol)  and a pretty big pot (keep in mind when I cook I make sure there are left overs for lunches the next day, if you prefer not to do this, reduce quantities by half)

Fill your pot with water add desired salt and bring water to a boil

Meanwhile cut the ends of zucchini, peel (I use a vegetable peeler). Once you are done peeling all of them take your vegetable spiral noodle maker thingy and start making your noodles!

Once water boiled and noodles made, place noodles into water, cook for 2 minutes or until zucchini is soft and flexible. Do not over cook, it turns mushy and doesn’t taste the greatest (yes I’ve done it before) Then drain noodles and TA DA! serve with any sauce of your choice!



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