Banana Strawberry Peanut Butter Açai Vanilla Shake

By far one of my most favourite recipes!

I definitely need this after birthday celebrations. This baby is loaded with super foods galore. This shake will:
1. Reduce cravings
2. Provide energy
3. Keep me full
4. Boost my immune system
5. help with weight loss
6. Keep my skin hair and nails healthy and glowing
7. Provide me with nutrients most of the food available today doesn’t have

Recipe below

1 cup of filtered water
1/2 of a banana
4 strawberries
3 ice cubes
1 scoop of vanilla shakeology
1 scoop of collagen powder (link in comments of the one I use)
1 açai capsule from organic burst

Put everything except açai in blender and blend. Top with sprinkles of açai powder and enjoy!

2016-06-11 10.26.14

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