How to Organize your Jewellery Drawer in 7 Easy Steps

Do you have that one drawer that is overloaded with jewellery and every time you try to look for something you’ve got to dig through everything else? It’s frustrating isn’t it? I had the same problem. When I went to add my accessories to my outfit I felt stressed because I’d open that drawer and just see chaos. It did not make it an easy task.

I’m learning that your environment effects you greatly, so I’ve been on a mission to slowly start de-cluttering and organizing my home. It has been proved that when we have a more calming environment we feel happier, calmer, relaxed. We can also focus more on any task rather than being distracted by all the clutter and disorganization around us.

So why would you take small steps to making yourself more productive, happy, calm and relaxed? #DUH Just don’t overwhelm yourself one thing at a time. Today I tackled my jewellery drawer.

Here is what it looked like before:

  2016-04-09 10.18.07

You’re probably thinking YIKES! Right? Ya it was basically impossible to find anything and really didn’t make me feel good or relaxed.

Here’s what I did:

STEP 1: Purchase a drawer organizer, I bought one for $3 at the dollar store. I also found a Rubbermaid one which is awesome for different size drawers because you can move the sections around to create a custom shape. You can find that here:Rubbermaid No Slip Drawer Organizers 6-PieceSet

I also purchase adhesive paper with a pretty design on it from the dollar store for $1.30

STEP 2: I measured the bottoms of each of the compartments and then cut pieces of the adhesive paper according to those measurements. Then just peel and stick! Super easy!


See how pretty! Of course you can just leave the bottom plain if you want to save a step. I really like the way it looked this way! 

STEP 3: Take EVERYTHING out of that drawer! I mean everything! I dumped it all on my bed2016-04-09 10.19.55

STEP 4: Organize! I made piles on my bed of items that are similar. I had different categories such as: sunglasses, necklaces, bracelets, hair accessories, empty sachets, belts, and random items that don’t belong here.

STEP 5: What can you get rid of? Anything you haven’t used in a long time, or you don’t think you will use again, maybe it’s just not your style anymore. Get rid of it! I got rid of some belts that had seen better days and some sunglasses that I didn’t like the way they looked on me. I also threw out some empty boxes I had as I didn’t have any reason to hang on to them, they were just taking up precious space.

STEP 6: Find new homes for some items. My belts were all rolled up in this drawer, which took a lot of space and I never used them there because I always forgot about them. Instead I transferred them all to a hanger to hang with my clothes. This way when I’m getting ready I can easily see what I have and select my choice. What can you transfer to a better home, where it would make more sense?

STEP 7: Now put what is left over in your organizer and back in the drawer. Don’t forget to try to use vertical space too. As you can see I have my ring organizer on top of the one I just made as it sits perfectly and slides from side to side with ease. This leave me with enough space on the left to put my sunglasses and some jewellery boxes (that still have items in them of course)

2016-04-09 14.08.30Hope you liked this quick and easy DIY on organizing your jewellery drawer! As I continue to learn new tips and tricks I will be sharing with you. I have been finding it very difficult living in a small space that even some of the tips and ideas I see online won’t work for my super small place. This is a serious struggle for me. I’ve been learning how to adapt other ideas to fit my needs. If you know someone that might get use out of this post, please share!

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