Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Love Your Tan as Much as You do

We all love the way a nice tan looks during any time of year, but many do not know the what your skin is trying to tell you when is turns darker, or perhaps they do but ignore it. Our skin changing colour is never a good sign, we all knows this when is comes to beauty marks, moles, age spots, etc. Why does are skin change colour after being out in the sun? The suns UV rays damage your skin cells, when these cells are damaged they can no longer reproduce properly. This means your cells over produce melanin which results in darkening of the skin. But you love your tan too much to give up sun bathing. Did you also know that the sun damages the skins DNA cells. Your tan and/or burn is temporary, but when the DNA in the cells are damaged it’s long term and may turn out to be an ongoing cosmetic and health struggle. How do you know when you’ve damaged your skin cells? The first visible sign of skin damaged is a sun burn or tan. Once your tan goes away are your skin cells healthy again? No your cells will try to heal themselves as much as they possibly can, but a lot of the time when the damage is done they can’t heal 100%. Just because you can’t see your tan or burn anymore doesn’t mean that you won’t see anymore damage. Usually the damage surfaces much later on as sun spots. This means if you tan a lot when you are younger, be ready for many sun spots when you get older! Don’t forget being out in the sun or in a tanning bed, dries out your skin which we all know that dry skin = more wrinkles! The worst damage we can get from the sun exposure of course is skin cancer. I would suggest that if you still want a tan, try a self tanner instead, but look at the more expensive ones as with my experience (I am extremely pale) the cheaper ones turn orange.  So far my favourite one is by Vichy, it is very moisturizing, doesn’t smell bad, and you can use it for face and body, it won’t clog pores! Let me know when you think if you’ve tried it, or if you’ve tried another self tanner that you absolutely love!

How can I stay protected and slow down the signs of aging?

1. Try to stay out of the sun ( stay in shade when outdoors, hats etc. ) and don’t use tanning beds.

2. Use SPF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Opt out for at least SPF 30 or more Read my SPF blog to find out how to select the right SPF for you!

3. Stay hydrated! By drinking water as well as moisturizing your skin!

Please stay protected!


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