About Angella

Angella was born in Toronto, Canada. She has always had a passion for music at a very young age. Her mother enrolled her and her sister in dance, vocal, piano and acting classes. Angella would then go on to perform at every school talent show from elementary to high school. In high school a good friend of hers taught her how to play basic guitar. She then enrolled in guitar and vocal classes through school so that she could expand her musical knowledge and gain more experience.

Once graduating high school she wanted to study to become and music teacher.However everyone close to her convinced her against it. So she went on to pursue a career as a makeup artist, as it would still allow her to work in the performing arts industry. She lost focus on her music but now after working in the beauty industry for over 12 years she has finally decided to get back to her roots and focus on music again.

She is excited to have started writing her own songs and having connected with some great musicians. Everyday she is working on becoming a better  musician so that she can share her music with the world. 

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